7 Best Practices for Global Success


Discover how the worlds’ leading contact lens brand delivered
16 consecutive months of share growth.

Brandgarten’s Fritz Grutzner and Jayme Maultasch of Deutsch will show you how they did it for the ACUVUE contact lens brand. It started with a deep global human insight and led to dominant category leadership.They will show the 7 principles that were the foundation of this success story. Principles you can use for your brand — provided you make plans to attend Brand2Global now.

Fritz and his team zoomed in on the essential transformation their product produced: The first instant of clear, comfortable vision that transforms a customer’s life – and makes a powerful emotional connection with people who want that transformation for themselves.

Like a wizard casting a spell, once the Acuvue team knew how to create that moment, they could show it and use it to an equally powerful effect in every local market – while racking up impressive global sales gains.

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