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Brandgarten was founded in 2005 to help brands tell meaningful stories. We help companies uncover deep emotional insights build powerful brand strategies around these insights. Brandgarten has done conducted consumer research on five continents and uncovered global insights for some of the world’s most iconic brands.

Countries where Brandgarten has conducted primary insight research

Founder & President

Fritz Grutzner
Fritz Grutzner

Fritz Grutzner is a 30-year marketing professional who has held senior roles at ad agencies and Fortune Top 50 companies. He spent a decade at Johnson & Johnson in both domestic and international positions, successfully growing the Johnson’s baby products brand by over 30% while he was the VP of Marketing.


In 2005, Fritz founded Brandgarten to help companies of all sizes develop meaningful brand stories. Fritz is the co-author of McGraw-Hill’s Tips and Traps for Marketing your Business and numerous publications on branding. Prior to his MBA in International Management from the Thunderbird School of Global Management, Fritz pursued his interest in mythology and storytelling by earning a BA in German Literature and and MA in German Literature from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.



Emotional Insights Research

Why do consumers really prefer one brand over another? What are the key insights that lead to big creative ideas? How do consumers feel about your brand relative to the competition?


Brand Strategy

What is the core brand story that connects the soul of your brand to the heart of your consumer?


Brand Architecture

What is the best way to structure your brand portfolio so that it makes sense to the consumer and efficiently builds brand power?


Brand Training

Emotional Branding
Brand Strategy
Brand Archetypes
Writing Winning Concepts
Brand Storytelling