What’s the brand story that connects environmentalists to one of the country’s most respected environmental groups?

emotional insight deep dive


The Wilderness Society was typical of many nonprofits we work with, in that they felt like they had a lot of good things to say, but didn’t have a unified story to tell. There were even four different mission statements floating around the organization when they called Brandgarten to help. Using both external interviews and internal work sessions, Brandgarten was able to help them find the insight that connected their members to wilderness and the mission and vision that would help take them there.


“Brandgarten took us past any finish line we could have envisioned. What a fabulous testimony to Fritz’s work by having the Governing Council, in it’s meeting, debate the new mission statement for exactly zero minutes. It was set up perfectly and the preparatory work made the mission, the brand essence, the brand promise, and all components — not just seamless — but accepted enthusiastically. When we started this work together, I was a skeptic. Brandgarten quickly convinced me of my error and went on to demonstrate that The Wilderness Society not only could, but will be able to communicate its core work much more effectively. Thank you.”


—Bill Meadows, President
Wilderness Society