What’s the universal human insight that can spark a new global campaign?

emotional insight deep dive


Sales were flat. The innovation and communication had been focused on functional benefits that were easily copied. Band-Aid needed a big insight.


Brandgarten showed them that nothing is more important to a mom than protecting her child. Cuts (and boo boos) can be scary. They make us vulnerable for a moment. This vulnerability brings exploring kids back into mom’s arms in a deeply intimate reunion, where mom magically heals the hurt. Brandgarten discovered that moms in China, Japan and the US all had a special ritual behavior associated with the handling of the cuts (or boo boos), whether it was a kiss or a special song. This healing ritual magically made the hurt go away and made the child feel protected with mom’s love as they went off to play again.


In essence, moms were doing far more than just putting a bandage on their kids—they were giving them “Love that Sticks.”


A new global campaign tapped into this insight with the idea, “we cover the things we love.” The new “Covering is Caring” campaign helped grow global sales +14% in the launch year.

“Brandgarten’s approach is collaborative, deeply insightful, and the deliverables are immediately actionable.”


—Catherine Murphy, Director, Global Franchise Organization