Can a new brand story drive an internal culture change?

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Alliant Energy was a power company that didn’t believe in “branding.” They also didn’t really do much consumer perception research on their brand. They brought in Brandgarten initially to help with “external communications.” We helped them realize the importance of having a brand story and conducted in-depth customer research to show that customers wanted a story of innovation. The work became the foundation of a major cultural shift. The company installed solar arrays at headquarters and started making important business decisions for more sustainable power generation. Alliant wasn’t just generating power for customers. They were
Helping consumers Power Beyond.


“Brandgarten did phenomenal work in helping us to identify a direction for our brand. Their work created a foundation and impetus for significant culture change. They showed that branding is much more than messaging and marketing. It is about determining who we are and aspire to be as a business, taking actions that reflect those aspirations, and then articulating that story. Their input on brand identity and promise permeates everything we do. It will be integral to our strategy for years. They have made a dramatic, positive impact on our business.”


— Wayne Reschke, VP. Human Resources & Marketing, Alliant Energy